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And if you wanna to make media with our blog , Aswer all these questions over here :

- Your username
- The link of the blog

And done , we will visit your blog , and if we like it , we will go to talk with you.


Rafaella said...

My username: RafaellaRabelo
The link of the blog:

Brunaa/gatinha.ninha said...

Nome: Bruna
Stardoll: gatinha.ninha
Idade: 12

Anonymous said...

Your username: Syligirl
The link of the blog:

Luli / Lulita-15 said...

- Your username: Lulita-15
- The link of the blog: NOUS MAGAZINE ( Is going to be a new international magazine.

Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

- Your username Tapstar321
- The link of the blog /

Anonymous said...

User: LoveGossip4life

xxevie23xx said...

User: xxevie23xx

Lu said...

User- 10notaskater10 [on stardoll]

Punky_Lissy said...

Username: Punky_Lissy

evermore1girl said...

username: evermore1girl

thank you

Tish said...

Username: StarTishthe2nd
Blog Link:

Zoey said...

Your username: crystality
The link of the blog:

EssRox said...

- Your username: EssRox
- The link of the blog:

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

- Your username: Rafi101
- The link of the blog:

Lara said...